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Wuhan Institute of Virology commented on the rumors about coronavirus

Wuhan Institute of Virology commented on the rumors about coronavirus

Wuhan Institute of Virology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued an open letter in connection with the rumors about the spread of the novel coronavirus
After the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan at the end of December 2019, the media and the Internet has been speculation that a new virus could "leak" from is located in the city of the Institute.
"Spread false rumors about our lab, that "the virus was created artificially", that "the virus escaped from the laboratory P4, which is under the control of the military", that "the researcher died from the coronavirus", that "the researcher was the first sick" and other gossip that has riveted the world's attention and caused a huge damage to our researchers, who are fighting the epidemic on the front lines, it also seriously hinders our key scientific and technical mission to fight the epidemic", — said in a published letter on behalf of the scientific staff of the Institute.

The message said that since the beginning of the epidemic, the Institute works on scientific and technical issues related to the prevention of disease, and its staff strictly observe all safety rules and control.
Scientists on the evening of 30 December, received from Wuhan hospital sample analysis of pneumonia of unknown origin, and then explored it within 72 hours. The second of January, they have determined the DNA sequence of a new type of coronavirus, the isolated strain and 11 Jan gave who the sequence virus.

Simultaneously, the Institute worked on a study of the root causes of the disease and the source of the virus, a test of the pathogen, the development and study of antiviral drug and vaccines.
"Looking back on this month of enormous efforts made by us, we can say that our conscience is clear," — said in the letter.
In conclusion, the staff of the Institute called on all to unite and work to resolve scientific and technical issues and the prevention of the epidemic.