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Who reported the acceleration of the spread of coronavirus

Who reported the acceleration of the spread of coronavirus

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus is gaining momentum, recorded over 300 thousand cases of the disease in almost all countries of the world.

"Pandemic is gaining momentum. From the first reported cases to 100 thousand cases, it has been 67 days 11 days up to 200 thousand and only four days to 300 thousand," - said General Director of the world organization of health tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus.
The Director General of the who stressed, however, that a hard restrictions imposed by the countries to slow the spread of the virus, but can enhance the lack of protective equipment and of the materials from which they are produced.

Of ghebreyesus also pointed out the danger of using untested drug against COVID-19.

"We recognize that there is an urgent need of new effective medicines. Currently, no such drugs that have been found to be effective against COVID-19. Small neraznoobrazen of observation and study will give us those answers that are needed. The use of unproven funds with no need of evidence can give false hope and cause more harm than good and lead to a shortage of essential drugs for other diseases," he said.

The CEO who intends to appeal to the leaders of the G20 countries with a request to increase the production of individual protection means and not to ban their export, primarily to provide medical professionals.