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The new coronavirus was first discovered at the citizen of Ukraine

The new coronavirus was first discovered at the citizen of Ukraine

The man is one of the passengers of the cruise liner, which is quarantined off the coast of Japan
On a cruise ship, which is quarantined in the port area of Yokohama, registered five new cases of coronavirus, said the Agency Kyodo, which refers to data of the Ministry of health of Japan. One of the cases was the citizen of Ukraine, who thus became the first infected person from that country.
The report States that none of the number of new detected cases no dangerous symptoms. In addition to Ukrainian, the virus was found also American and four Filipinos.
The Ministry of health reported that out of 3700 passengers of the cruise liner was tested 336 people with suspected virus. In most cases, the signs of the disease could not be found.
Only on a cruise ship there are representatives of over 50 countries. Is on Board and seven Russians, none of whom got sick.
The liner is placed in quarantine since Monday. Prohibit all passengers to leave the ship, it was decided after the virus was detected in a tourist who sat on the Board in Hong Kong. After that, the doctors began to check other people.
Since the ship is in the area of Yokohama, the statistics include all cases on the liner, as people stricken in Japan. All, therefore, in the country got infected by the coronavirus considered 96: 70 passengers Diamond Princess, 10 evacuated from Wuhan, 16 foreign tourists and accompanying them to the bus driver.