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The doctor told me about superpowers coronavirus

The doctor told me about superpowers coronavirus

Physician, medical Director at a pharmaceutical company Zakhar Lakin spoke about the unique property of coronaviruses.

Specialist said RNA viruses, which include the causative agent COVID-19, have a "unique ability" to quickly mutate.
"There is not a single cycle of viral replication that reproduces the same virus. Each cycle is mutation," — said Leikin.

Viral particles are not repeated in the generation in the cell. According to him, when Chinese physicians passed a few dozen strains of the virus isolated during the epidemic in the country, they have been 149 mutations.

The doctor said that circulates among wild animals several hundred strains of coronavirus, and about 40 in the human population.

Among seasonal infections, 15% of the pathogens is coronaviruses.

He explained that a group of viruses is the causative agent of acute respiratory infections and often for caused disease limited to a runny nose and cough.

"The coronavirus has the ability to exchange their genetic material between the particles. This so-called recombination. And he can share not only with strains in humans but also in wild animals, which is what happened in China," explained Lakin.