- всё о COVID-19
The Chinese authorities provided new information about the epidemiological situation concerning the increasing number of cases, patients with suspected disease and the affected provinces, and that the proportion of deaths among the already registered cases is 4% (17 out of 557). They reported cases of the fourth order in Wuhan and secondary cases outside of Wuhan, as well as the number of clusters of the disease outside of Hubei province.
They lit up the resolute measures taken to curb the spread of the infection (the suspension of public transport in the city of Wuhan as well as other neighboring cities).
Following the presentation the Committee was informed about the situation in Japan, the Republic of Korea and Thailand, as well as on the possible discovery of a single case in Singapore.

The Committee welcomed China's efforts to investigate and curb the current outbreak.

Was marked by the following major circumstances:

The transmission of infection from person to person, the number of R0, according to the speakers, is estimated at about 1.4 to 2.5. In one health care setting had an effect of amplification of the infection. Severe disease was 25% of confirmed cases. Still not the source of infection (likely animal reservoir) and not clear the extent of its transmission from person to person.
Several Committee members expressed the view that, since the range of possible solutions is limited to only two options, opting ads CSSS would be premature.