- всё о COVID-19
The new infected was a 68-year-old oznakowany (1952), the wife of the sick previous. She was in home quarantine, as close contacts of a carrier of the virus. Now she is on treatment in hospital of Seoul University.

Earlier it was reported that 29-m infected became a South Korean citizen born in 1938 (82), who said he has no history of travel abroad. On February 15 he filed a complaint of discomfort in the chest or in the Medical center of Korea University, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, although he had no other symptoms of coronavirus have tested them. His analysis showed the presence of the virus, and now he is quarantined in the hospital of Seoul University. As reported later, the patient before getting sick, visited two other hospitals. Now these institutions will conduct disinfection.

According to recent reports in South Korea have recovered and been discharged, nine people, so treatment is still 21 people. Another 408 are checked.