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Scientists have named the cause of the rapid spread of the coronavirus

Scientists have named the cause of the rapid spread of the coronavirus

According to new research by American scientists, the main reason for the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2, China had a large number of patients with mild symptoms, which for a long time was identified, and the high contagiousness of the virus itself
The results of mathematical modeling, combining data on registered cases COVID-19 in China with information about the movement of people, showed that before the introduction of 23 January 2020 restrictions on entry in Wuhan and an exit 86 percent of cases in the country were documented that contributed to the rapid geographical spread of the virus SARS-CoV2.

According to the study authors, these findings are crucial for understanding the spread and contagiousness of the new coronavirus. As it turned out, undocumented infection exposed to a much larger part of the population than was thought.

Given that, according to scientists, the rate of transmission from asymptomatic patients is 55 percent compared to the contagiousness of patients with obvious signs of disease in 79% of cases the infection sources could be carriers of the virus who have the disease do not manifest themselves.

The results show that after 23 January 2020, when the government introduced measures to control the movement and raising awareness of the population, the rate of spread of the virus has dropped considerably.

"Flash COVID-19 in China was caused by patients with mild, limited or no symptoms that went unnoticed — presented in a press release from Columbia University, the head of research Jeffrey Shaman (Jeffrey Shaman), Professor of health Sciences. Depending on their contagiousness and the number of undetected cases can expose a much larger part of the population exposed to the virus than they thought. We found that COVID-19 in China the undetected infected people were numerous and contagious."

You need to make major changes in the practice of documenting patients seeking care even with symptoms of SARS.

"Increased awareness about the epidemic, increased use of personal protective equipment and restriction of travel helped to reduce the overall force of infection. However, it is unclear whether this reduction is sufficient to stop the spread of the virus, says Shaman. — If the new coronavirus will be to follow the model of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009, it will also be distributed worldwide and will be the fifth endemic coronavirus among men."

Scientists urge the authorities of the countries where COVID-19 is not wide-spread, taking into account their results, pointing to the "hidden transmission" of the virus carriers without overt symptoms as the main reason for the rapid spread of the virus SARS-CoV2.