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Scientists have named more symptoms of coronavirus

Scientists have named more symptoms of coronavirus

There is growing evidence that apparent disease COVID-19 are not only limited to high temperatures and prolonged dry cough.

There are a number of additional symptoms that can be detected by the spread of the virus.
In the course of the study, which was published on Sunday, the headache was identified as a symptom of the disease. The study found that eight percent of patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, where there was an outbreak of the disease, complained of headaches tormented them in the first days after infection.

Sick patients have reported about the beginning from them about the dizziness. Frequent dizzy spells or a very strong or sudden attacks of dizziness may indicate a more serious health risk, said the Cleveland clinic, commenting on these cases.

Another less known, but a clear alarm signal - a sharp loss of smell, noted British scientists sinologicheskoj companies. In South Korea, China and Italy already there is strong evidence that a significant number of patients with proven infection COVID-19 appeared loss of smell, said the researchers. Moreover, in Germany more than two thirds of cases of coronavirus of people reported failure to detect and recognize odors.

Finally, scientists have determined a General sense of malaise and confusion which appeared as potential signs of the disease. In a recent report on the situation in a nursing home in Washington, where nearly one third of older people were recorded positive for coronavirus, but half did not show signs of the disease, the infected patients complained of malaise, a General feeling of discomfort and gripped their anxiety.

Center for control and prevention (CDC) has called the confusion as emergency "warning signal" COVID-19.

This information, the researchers note, suggests that people need to be vigilant during a pandemic and not to succumb to complacency just because they have a high temperature and cough.