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Recovered the Belgian, who was diagnosed with coronavirus

Recovered the Belgian, who was diagnosed with coronavirus

The only Belgian, who on his return from China was diagnosed with the coronavirus was discharged from the hospital in connection with the recovery
Worked in China, the Belgian was admitted to hospital on February 2 after a positive analysis for the new coronavirus. All this time he was in complete isolation in the Brussels hospital "San Pierre". According to doctors, the patient felt fine, no symptoms have been identified.
"On Friday and Saturday, test results were negative. This means that the person is no longer a carrier of the virus, he may leave the hospital, because it is not a threat to environment", - stated in the document of the Ministry of health.
The rest of the Belgians, who had returned from China, the dangerous virus were detected. However, a few people remain in hospital in connection with a 15-day quarantine.
At the same time, the authorities retain a high degree of caution.