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On confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection in Russia

On confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection in Russia

On March 15, 2020 in Russia was still 4 cases of coronavirus infection among citizens of the Russian Federation, 3 Moscow region, 1 in the Tyumen region.
According to epidemiological investigation established that the citizens of the visited countries affected by coronavirus infection in last two weeks (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland).

All are hospitalized in infectious boxes.
Results were confirmed in the prescribed manner.

Defines the circle of persons with whom they had contact in the territory of the Russian Federation. Work is underway on the premises of the contact persons under medical surveillance. Conducts laboratory tests.

In the Russian Federation today registered 63 cases of coronavirus infection, including 60 Russian citizens, 2 – from Chinese citizens, 1 citizen of Italy. Discharged on recovery 2 Chinese citizens, 1 citizen of Russia. Also issued Russian citizens evacuated from Japan with liner Diamond Princess.

Rospotrebnadzor recalls the need to respect the rules of personal hygiene: washing hands often with soap and water, use of disinfectants for the hands, especially being in crowded places, airports and other public transport systems