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Moscow can be closed to quarantine the curfew

Moscow can be closed to quarantine the curfew

Moscow authorities work out a plan for the transfer of the largest possible number of residents of the capital to the quarantine. This "Open media" said a source at city hall. The same information confirmed the Federal official and a source close to the Cabinet.
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The measures will come into force in the case, if the number of cases of a critical will increase by Friday, March 20. What is the number infected with the coronavirus in question is still unknown. According to Federal officials, the Moscow authorities will focus on the situation.
City quarantine provides that employees not involved in the livelihood of the city, transferred to work from home. For example, the centres will provide all possible government services online. Closes for full-time communication with the population and all social support centres. Also, the municipality is considering the option of limiting the operation of shopping centers, the closing of bars, cafes and restaurants.
The municipality is considering options to limit passenger flow mainly from the neighbouring regions. The entrance to the city may be limited. In the last few days intensively discussing how to limit the movement of the city and also public transport in the capital. The most extreme measure - closing of public transport, including metro. But this power goes only in the most severe situation emphasizes the Federal official.
The possibility of introducing in Moscow the state of emergency envisaged in the action plan for the prevention of introduction and spread of infection caused by the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV in Moscow, which on March 6 was signed by the Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova.
The document States that the state of emergency can be entered a "special decision". It may include closure of all enterprises and organizations of the city, except for the enterprises of life-support and emergency services, the closing down of all public transport, chaplet on entry and exit from the city by any mode of transport, including personal, the maintenance of a stock of food in case of extension of quarantine measures in food stores, as well as the introduction of a curfew (prohibition of citizens to exit to the street without special permission).
GU MVD in Moscow and Asgardia in this case will patrol the streets and arrest citizens who violate protivoepidemicheskie mode and restrictions.