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Kyrgyzstan has closed the border with China

Kyrgyzstan has closed the border with China

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Muhammedally Abylgaziev said that the border is closed from January 23. According to him, in connection with the celebration of the New year, the Chinese side closes the border each year, and from January 23 to the border with China was closed Kyrgyzstan
"Today there are no attempts to get across the border both people and products. In particular, we are talking about PPC Torugart-Irkeshtam", — he said.

The head of government noted that Kyrgyzstan has taken a number of measures to prevent infection with coronavirus in Chinese. In particular, all border crossing points in Kyrgyzstan, be it air, road or rail safety measures.

"We installed the cameras. Also, there are sanitary stations," he said.
Abylgaziev said that in the 22 PPC introduced sanitary items. In addition, according to Mukhamedkali Ablyashev, set up operational headquarters headed by Deputy Prime Minister Altynai Omurbekova.

The Minister of health of Kyrgyzstan Kosmosbek of Cholponbaev informed that in a world not yet created a vaccine against coronavirus.
"The incubation period of mers is 14 days. Feature of this virus is to detect it during 14 days, during this time can get another man," he said.
Cholponbaev noted that in Kyrgyzstan there are two laboratories that have passed the international accreditation. In addition, there is a stock of syringes, antibiotics and masks.
"For example, in warehouses we have 3.5 million masks," he said.