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In Wuhan opened a second special hospital

In Wuhan opened a second special hospital

The second is a specialized hospital for treatment of a coronavirus, "Laichingen", built in the shortest possible time in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Saturday put into operation, according to China Central television. The first group of medical workers have arrived on the scene, they are preparing to receive patients who are expected here be transferred on Saturday. There will be only those patients in whom the diagnosis has already been confirmed.
The infectious diseases hospital in the suburb of Wuhan of Csense is 79 thousand square meters, most of which are allocated to patients, 10 buildings on the site designed for medical personnel and logistical resources. Just for medics did 264 rooms, which can accommodate six people, each standing on three bunk beds, with air conditioning, TV, other appliances, has a separate toilet and shower room.
According to final data, the hospital is divided into 32 sections, which I put 1500 beds in each ward, in addition to offices for the seriously ill, there will be two patient. Serve the hospital will be about two thousand physicians.

Earlier this week, patients began to adopt a hospital "Chosenlang" the construction of which was completed in 10 days. The second hospital was built from January 27, and commissioning was originally planned for 5 February, but the timing moved a little. The hospital decided to build a model hospital ", Saatanan" in Beijing which was built in seven days during the SARS epidemic (SARS) in April 2003 to handle a large number of patients.