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In the Czech Republic announced emergency

In the Czech Republic announced emergency

A state of emergency because of the coronavirus declared in the Czech Republic. It will be valid for 30 days
"In the Czech Republic found the state of emergency from 14:00 CET (16:00 GMT) on Thursday, said following the government meeting, Prime Minister Andrew Babish. It will operate over the next 30 days."

A state of emergency imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. At the moment, in the Republic of 96 diagnosed infected.

"We will ban the entry into the Republic of all foreigners from the "risk areas". The exception is made only for having a permanent residence or temporary residence in the Czech Republic. It's 13 regions. Except China, South Korea and Iran, we are talking about EU countries - Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, although the latter has seceded from the EU. At the same time we banned Czech citizens, as well as having we have a permanent residence or temporary residence to foreigners to visit these areas," said Babish.

The government also banned the movement across national boundaries of cars, which would have been more than nine passengers and one driver. This measure will take effect March 14.
From March 13, from 06:00 (08:00 GMT) indefinitely a ban on all cultural, sports, religious and social events that will involve more than 30 people. This also applies to family activities. An exception is made for the funeral. Can also be meetings of the courts and the public administration. To improve the epidemiological situation closed fitness centers, swimming pools, saunas, sports complexes, clubs and discos.
Czech eating places, including restaurants and cafes will not be open every day from 20:00 to 06:00. This measure will take effect from 13 March. On the same day, closed kiosks and eateries located in shopping malls with an area of more than five thousand square meters.