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In Thailand recorded the first death from coronavirus

In Thailand recorded the first death from coronavirus

In Thailand, sick with coronavirus had died of organ failure
Thirty-five patient, who died in Thailand as a result of complications related to dengue fever and pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, had died from multiple organ failure after a month in intensive care, said Director General of the Department of epidemiology of the Ministry of public health of Thailand Suwanai Wattanayagorn.

Initially the patient was admitted to a private clinic with a severe form of dengue.
February 5, his body was discovered coronavirus COVID19, and he was transferred to the isolation centre of the Ministry.
The patient was in serious condition due to dengue fever, then to it was added a severe case of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus.
On February 16 in the patient was not in the early stages, his condition slightly improved from critical to serious but stable, as the development of pneumonia stopped.
Soon, however, the patient's condition again deteriorated since the beginning of multiple organ failure.