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In Sweden have identified the first infected with coronavirus

In Sweden have identified the first infected with coronavirus

In the Swedish Jönköping confirmed coronavirus infection in Chinese. This is stated in the statement of the state Agency for health
The disease is found in a woman who visited the Chinese city of Wuhan, and on January 24 arrived in Sweden. Then, according to the statement, it was not characteristic of coronavirus symptoms. Later she started coughing. The woman had independently sought medical help. It was isolated by placing in an infectious diseases hospital, the Agency said.

All the Agency's health took samples from 20 people with symptoms of respiratory infection when they visited China.

"It is important to remember that isolated cases [of the disease] is not the same as the spread of infection in Sweden," the statement said. The Agency added that, in comparison with the situation in other countries, Sweden has a low risk of spreading disease.

The first cases of infection with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan became known in December last year, since then, cases have been identified in different countries of Asia and Europe, in the USA, Australia and other regions.

By 31 January, according to who, the disease is diagnosed 7818 people (in China — 7736). According to the National Commission of health of China, the virus has infected in total 9816 people, 213 died from complications of the disease.

In Russia, about the first infected has announced January 31. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, the disease found in two people in the Tyumen region and TRANS-Baikal territory, they are citizens of China. Golikova added that the risk of spread of the virus in the country is not infected were isolated, they provide health care.