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In Macau all the casinos close down due to coronavirus

In Macau all the casinos close down due to coronavirus

Government of Macao decided to suspend the operation of all casino for two weeks because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the head of the region, Ho IAT Seng
Date and time of closing of gambling institutions will be agreed later. According to the portal Inside Asian Gaming, close all 49 casino, as well as "similar activities". The head of Macau added that the closing conditions will be discussed with the owners of gambling establishments.

This decision took power amid reports about the tenth person infected with coronavirus in Macau. According to the Macau News, they became 57-the summer inhabitant of the town, which is 25 January, I visited Guangzhou, the same day came back. The next day he had high fever and started coughing, the newspaper reports. 4 Feb the man confirmed the coronavirus, he is now isolated.
In 2019, Macau was visited by 13 858 Russians, which is 70% more than in 2018.

Note: Macau with a population of 670 thousand people is located 60 km West of Hong Kong and is the capital of gambling business in Asia. This is the only place in China where legalized and booming industry of gambling. Its turnover several times higher than the rate American Las Vegas. Taxes from casino operations account for about 80% of revenues to the local budget.