- всё о COVID-19
The fifth case of infection with the novel coronavirus was confirmed in the German region of Bavaria, we are talking about a colleague of the other four infected, said the Bavarian Ministry of health.

"The Bavarian Ministry of health on Thursday evening was again informed about the current situation with the new coronavirus. A Ministry spokesman said in Munich that, according to the Land office for health and food security in Bavaria confirmed one case of the coronavirus," reads a press release of the Ministry.
As in all previous cases, we are talking about an employee of the company in the district of Starnberg. The infected live in the district of Traunstein. In relation to the previous four cases, you know that we are talking about the three men and one woman. Details on the fifth case of infection and the current situation with the spread of the virus in Bavaria will be notified on Friday.However, all persons in contact with sick, commanded to stay home and tell the doctors about his health. Further survey results will be presented on Friday morning. Medical facilities also continue the search for persons with whom the infected was in contact with outside of work.

"The Bavarian Ministry of health informed the working in Bavaria the doctors how to act in case of suspicion in a patient of the novel coronavirus. Instructions have been sent to the environment Association of doctors health insurance funds and the Bavarian medical chamber" - quoted in the press release the Minister of the Malani Huml. She also added that the Ministry has asked hospitals of Bavaria to be ready to receive patients with confirmed disease or "reasonable suspicion" of infection.
The Ministry also conducted an assessment of the available resources in the hospitals for the reception of such people in Munich and its suburbs.On Monday and Tuesday in the German Bavaria has recorded four cases of infection with coronavirus. All vectors are working in the same company, which on January 21 participated in the seminar with the resident of China who return home ill with the coronavirus. All of the infected are in a clinic in Munich, the doctors Wednesday will continue to examine other colleagues infected to be infected if they are from them.