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About 14% of patients who had recovered from pneumonia a new type in Guangdong province, after discharge from hospitals in the survey during the period of stay under observation again showed a positive reaction for the virus.
As of 25 February, in the province of cured 841 people from 1347 infected. It is generally believed that in the body of cured patients formed antibodies protecting against re-infection.

Young people have relatively easy after disease, antibodies are formed within two weeks. Even if they show a positive reaction, the risk of infection remains low. At the same time, some elderly people develop antibodies takes a long time, such patients continue to maintain virulence and can become infected themselves.

The cases of detection of a positive reaction to the virus in recovered patients depend on the severity of the disease and their General condition. In particular, they may be inflammation of the lungs, and then the full cure will take about two to three months.

On 19 February the government of Guangdong province issued an order demanding a longer follow-up of patients, which after discharge to be the carriers of the coronavirus. They were suggested to be under medical observation for at least 14 days after leaving the hospital.