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In China, 1716 doctors contracted the coronavirus

In China, 1716 doctors contracted the coronavirus

A new type of coronavirus in China contracted for a 1716 medical officers, the disease has claimed the lives of six of them
"As of February 11, all over the country 1716 medical staff were infected with pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, it is 3.8% of the total number infected, unfortunately six of them died, it's 0.4% of all deaths," - said the Deputy head of the public health Committee of China Zeng Yixing.
Fighting the coronavirus physicians in China called "angels in white clothes" or "men in white coats", because the biggest responsibility in the fight against the disease, it falls on their shoulders.
All over the world now know the name of the Chinese doctor Lee Manilana, one of the first in December, reported the outbreak of pneumonia, but the authorities did not take his words seriously. The doctor also contracted the coronavirus died at the age of 35 years. He and seven doctors who shared in social networks reports on the escalating outbreak has caused the police of the city of Wuhan and issued a warning. They were told not to continue to make "false statements online," which could seriously undermine public order. Now the fact of his death is under investigation, for which Wuhan is directed the special investigation team of the Central Committee of CPC for discipline inspection.