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In Britain will start testing a vaccine against coronavirus

In Britain will start testing a vaccine against coronavirus

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford who developed the vaccine for coronavirus, will begin testing the drug on volunteers on April 23.
About this informed the head of Ministry of health of the United Kingdom Matt Hancock.
"I can announce that the vaccine, developed in the framework of the Oxford project, will be tested on humans starting this Thursday. Under normal conditions, to reach this stage would take years. I am proud of the work done to date work," the Minister said.

He also announced that two of the most promising British project on vaccine development will receive from the government for more funding. Scientists from the University of Oxford to test their drug allocated £20 million ($24.5 million), and the team from Imperial College London, where animal clinical trials of another vaccine prototype, has received £22.5 million ($27.6 million). It is expected that the second British trials of the vaccine on volunteers will begin in June.

The British government is also negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to reserve production capacities in case if scientists succeed, proving the effectiveness and safety of their products.

As noted by the world health organization, the world is now 70 developed potential vaccines against coronavirus. According to experts, before any of the drugs proves effective, it will be tested and will enter production and sale remains for about a year. Oxford University is currently being developed vaccine based on recombinant viral vector. As reported earlier, the leaders of the project, they expect only to September to obtain data on the effectiveness of the vaccine, however, already placed an order for the production of the drug, in case of success the British government to fall was in its possession at least 1 million doses.