- всё о COVID-19
Earlier on the same step went guide Disneyland in Shanghai.

Also stopped work in Hong Kong theme Park Ocean Park.

Media are reminded that on the eve of the Hong Kong authorities announced an emergency situation because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

At the same time, criticism was expressed in relation to the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam because of her unwillingness to isolate Hong Kong from mainland China. So, I remind the media, five of the six people who tested positive for the virus arrived in Hong Kong on the line of high-speed railway. In turn, Lam pointed out that the situation had not yet become so acute as to cover the entrances to Hong Kong. At the same time, she stressed that all arriving in Hong Kong from the mainland must complete the appropriate medical forms.

In December of last year in Wuhan (Hubei province), there was an outbreak of pneumonia. Later it turned out that the cause of the disease was a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV).