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France extended the regime of self-isolation

France extended the regime of self-isolation

The President of France Emmanuel macron announced the extension of the regime of self-isolation in connection with the coronavirus until may 11.
This condition is necessary to slow the spread of the virus, it will allow to find the necessary space in the intensive care unit, and also allow medical personnel to gain strength.
Macron acknowledged that while the epidemic in the country has failed to take control, because they need to continue the effort and follow the rules.
The head of France explained that after may 11, the government will begin to gradually return the country to normal life. One of our priorities is the reopening of educational institutions.

Emmanuel macron announced that the company, which can work, observing sanitary regulations, should continue to do so. Further work will be done on the provision of additional assistance, the poorest segments of the population. Especially the French authorities intend to help hotels, restaurants, tourism sector.

The President noted that the borders with States that are not part of the EU, will remain closed until further notice.

In addition, public gatherings will be banned at least until mid-July.

National regime of isolation was declared in France on 16 March. It was initially calculated that it will expire on March 31.