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Died Chinese doctor, the first to report on the coronavirus

Died Chinese doctor, the first to report on the coronavirus

Chinese doctor If Wenlan, who was one of the first who tried to warn about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has died from the resulting disease, according to the hospital, where he was treated by the medic
"(Lee Vanillan) left us at 2.58 on Friday (21.58 GMT on Thursday)," reads the statement of the Central hospital of Wuhan in the social network.
Doctor of the Central hospital of Wuhan, Whether Wenlan December 30, wrote to colleagues in groups of social network WeChat that seven cases of SARS confirmed in the seafood market "huanan". He didn't know that the new coronavirus belongs to a different strain. Post by Lee spread across various Chinese social networks, he immediately became viral, as people become more afraid of the return of SARS.
The next day, Li and another seven doctors who shared in social networks reports on the escalating outbreak has caused the police of the city of Wuhan. They issued a warning and told not to continue to make "false statements online," which could seriously undermine public order.
Lee wrote in his official account on the microblogging service Weibo that on January 11th he had a cough and high temperature. In its latest briefing on Saturday, the doctor reported that he had confirmed infection with coronavirus.
SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS, SARS) was first registered in November 2002 in China's Guangdong province, the last case of SARS was recorded in June 2003. According to who, at the time of the epidemic in over 30 countries, there were more than 8.4 thousand cases of SARS, 813 people died.
Condolences to the family and friends.