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Deputies of local Council of Kiev refused to accept Ukrainians from Wuhan

Deputies of local Council of Kiev refused to accept Ukrainians from Wuhan

MPs Obukhov district Council of Kyiv region at urgent session has decided not to adopt in his area were evacuated from Wuhan citizens of Ukraine in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-2019
The administration of the Chinese capital has introduced a mandatory two-week quarantine for all persons coming into the city from other regions of the country. This is stated in a statement released on Friday by the steering working group of Beijing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to the decision, all persons leaving the capital, while returning back required two weeks to stay at home under observation, or can be placed in the area of collective quarantine. The same rule applies to all visitors to the city.

This measure was offered on Monday, after the discussion of the management of the capital have recognized her as appropriate. As noted in the document, in the case of non-compliance violated his face will bear the responsibility in accordance with national legislation.Previously on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in China it was reported that the special with the citizens of Ukraine will be sent to Kiev on February 11. Later, the Embassy has corrected the message, removing him from the date of evacuation. On Friday, the Minister of health Zoryana Skaletska announced that the special flight from China to citizens of Ukraine who have no symptoms of the disease, will arrive in Kiev on February 18.

"Today held an emergency session of the Obukhiv district Council, the only item on the agenda of which was to prevent the introduction and spread of infection of the coronavirus COVID-19 on the territory of settlements in Obukhiv district."
The deputies decided to appeal to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Verkhovna Rada Deputy of the faction "servant of the people" Alexander Dubinsky to prevent the placement of evacuees in the district. They said that the area is not suitable for the quarantine of medical institutions.