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Coronavirus can become a chronic disease

Coronavirus can become a chronic disease

The coronavirus can switch from the active form of chronic. This hypothesis suggested the researchers on data on the incidence of re-infection, which was recorded in China in the last few months
The virus can remain dormant latent form, as the human immune system does not have it under full control.
Another assumption of Russian specialists due to the fact that a new strain mutates with great speed, and people just don't have time to develop antibodies to it, so ill again.
Also cases of re-infection may be associated with errors of test systems, the accuracy of which is high.

Typically, in the course of treatment the immune system completely destroys all infected cells and eliminates the virus in the blood. Recurrent symptoms suggests that the virus is still present in the human body.

One of the possible explanations of re-infection is that the patient, a transfer of disease from the acute to the chronic phase when the fluctuation in the number of viral particles in the body. The virus can come back as the immune system during the acute phase of the disease took him under complete control, and it infected a large number of bodies.