- всё о COVID-19
In the city round the clock conduct disinfection. People are forced to wear protective masks – at home and at work. In pharmacies – the hype. Protivirusni preparations and gauze bandages – are in short supply. Those who are already sick, are evacuated in special tent camps on the outskirts of the city.

Wuhan closed: neither there nor here. Not working public transport, metro, ferries, airport. Stopped the movement of trains. Closures. It is impossible to leave the city and to private transport. Frames many kilometers of traffic jams from those who wanted to leave the city by car at night, broadcast local television channels.

The city, which has been a month of ravaging deadly virus, is translated to the closed position. It is dangerous all the contacts with people movement on the street. The local government encourages people not to leave home unnecessarily, stock up on food Essentials, wear protective masks and day and night. In pharmacies – the hype: people are worried that stocks of the right medication is not enough at all.