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China's foreign Ministry urged not to believe rumors about coronavirus

China's foreign Ministry urged not to believe rumors about coronavirus

China adheres to an open and responsible approach in a situation with the spread of the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV and promptly shares all the data, said the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying
Some media have expressed doubts that the Chinese authorities give the correct statistics about the number of victims and infected. So, last night a senior who expert John Mackenzie has accused Beijing is not fast enough to inform about new cases of the disease in Wuhan city, at the beginning of the outbreak.
"We drew attention to some of the rumors and lies around the situation ... that's scarier than the virus itself. You probably noticed that the CEO who recently reiterated his hope that all sides will not believe the rumors and spread them", — said the diplomat.
She added that "in some countries, the relevant government departments have also made efforts to bring to justice those fabricating and spreading rumors".
Chunying said that the state Committee on public health of China and the health Committee of the city of Wuhan on a daily basis hold briefings and report all relevant information.
"The responsible attitude of China, the openness and transparency, and strong and serious measures to combat the spread of the disease has received recognition by the entire international community," she concluded.