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China reported on the re-coronavirus cure

China reported on the re-coronavirus cure

The head of the medical group for the treatment of coronavirus in Wuhan, Professor Zhao Jianping revealed alarming results about the imperfection of testing COVID-19. Have discharged patients with double negative test of analysis then became positive
According to the Professor, the particular danger is asymptomatic of the disease, especially if infected doctors that are dealing with a large number of patients and with each other. The new coronavirus is much more contagious than SARS.

"There are patients who were considered cured, tests for coronavirus were negative, and then when they came back home, test again showed a positive result," - said the Professor about the cases in Wuhan.
The reasons, in his opinion, there may be several. This imperfection of the tests themselves, and possible errors of laboratory assistants, and the peculiarities of specific people.
"I have a patient who was discharged from the hospital konkretisiert doctor. Two of the test showed that the coronavirus he does not have. But after a few days at home he had a fever. Did another test again found a coronavirus. Therefore, I believe that all patients after discharge should be quarantined for 14 days." Rather, he said, the virus was not completely removed from the body has developed enough antibodies. Usually need 3-4 weeks to their level rather increased.

Zhao Jianping also told about the course of the disease: "the Beginning of a relatively soft, peaking 7-10 days — it starts with tightness in the chest, lung fever. If people in this period receives adequate treatment, the prognosis is favorable". But because the hospital in Wuhan was crowded, many progressed to the irreversible stage.
Appenices the situation in China Professor called "still heavy".