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Cambodia has recovered only infected with coronavirus

Cambodia has recovered only infected with coronavirus

The only person who got infected with the novel coronavirus in Cambodia, completely recovered, and on Monday released from hospital
Sixty-year-old citizen of China Jia Jianhua, who two weeks ago doctors diagnosed her with infection of the novel coronavirus will soon be released from hospital isolation ward. According to the representative of the Ministry of health, he recovered fully after two weeks of quarantine at the hospital. Along with him were his relatives, who were kept in quarantine as a precaution, they are also discharged on Monday. The presence of coronavirus have not been confirmed, as well as those who flew with the infected in the same plane from the Chinese city of Wuhan in Cambodian Sihanoukville.
In Cambodia employs more than 2 thousand employees for emergency response and doctors, who will continue to "investigate any suspicious cases in the country."