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Authorities reported that no patients with mers in hospitals of Wuhan

Authorities reported that no patients with mers in hospitals of Wuhan

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The last patient in whom the disease has taken a severe form, was discharged on April 24.
He was the last cure the sick among heavy not only in Wuhan but also in Hubei province.
In the city of Wuhan (Hubei province), which became the epicenter COVID-19, left patients with coronavirus. This was stated by the official representative of the state Commission on health of Hubei province, the Mi Feng.

How are his words on the Commission's website, the last patient who was in serious condition, was discharged on April 24. In addition, he was the last of the survivors critically ill patients not only in Wuhan but also in Hubei, according to the daily reports of the Commission.

As of 25 April, in the hospitals of Wuhan were 12 people. Cured patients are under medical supervision in isolation.

According to current data, Johns Hopkins University, China ranked ninth in the list of countries with the highest number of infected. According to the National state of the PRC on health, 26 April coronavirus was at 82.8 thousand people.

Since the end of March in Wuhan were not recorded new cases of infection, and on April 8 the authorities for the first time after almost two months of isolation has removed restrictions on entry and exit of transport. Thus on the evening of 16 April, the authorities adjusted the statistics on the number infected and killed in the city. Thus, compared with the previous data the number of infected and deaths increased by 325 and 1,290 respectively. The government of Wuhan announced that said previously collected data and to make changes in the statistics in accord with the "principle of responsibility for the people and history".