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Atomic structure shell of the new coronavirus explained that it is extremely contagious

Atomic structure shell of the new coronavirus explained that it is extremely contagious

It turned out that due to the structure of Chinese coronavirus binds to certain receptors much better than the SARS virus
Molecular biologists from the United States received the first three-dimensional pictures of proteins sheath 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, which caused an outbreak of pneumonia in China. These materials will help scientists create vaccines and drugs against the disease.

"We found the biophysical and structural evidence that the envelope proteins 2019-nCoV attach to receptors on infected cells is stronger than that of the SARS virus (SARS). In addition, we confirmed several already known antibodies that neutralize SARS cannot connect to the proteins of the novel coronavirus," say the researchers.
Biologists from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) and their colleagues from the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (USA) using x-ray crystallography obtained the first photos of the shell of the virus with very high resolution. Thus they approached the disclosure of accurate dissemination mechanisms 2019-nCoV from person to person.

To do this, scientists have inserted a part of the viral genome into the DNA of human embryonic cells. It made their culture to produce fragments of the viral protein shell. The researchers isolated these particles from the cells, in a special way froze them and enlighten with x-ray laser, having a three-dimensional image of their structure.

These images confirmed that, in General, have a protein RBD of SARS and 2019-nCoV arranged like. However, they unexpectedly found that the new coronavirus is associated with ACE2 receptor is not weaker but much stronger SARS. This may explain the high transmissibility and unexpectedly high speed of the spread of a new disease caused by coronavirus. In addition, scientists have discovered small inserts in key parts of the protein RBD, the analogues of which are present in the most contagious forms of the flu virus.

The addition of this and other minor differences in the structure of proteins, as the researchers note, did the new coronavirus invulnerable to the attacks of three types of antibodies that scientists have isolated from the blood of carriers of SARS. As scientists hope that the resulting photograph will help you to access medicines that can neutralize the virus before penetration into the cells or prevent it from multiplying within them.


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Atomic structure shell of the new coronavirus explained that it is extremely contagious