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2019 virus-nCoV

2019 virus-nCoV

The original owner of the virus most likely was a bat, it has caught one of the animals is probably the chicken, which is then sold on c/s market in Wuhan. Next came the chain from person to person
The entry point of the virus 2019-nCoV in the human body is the same as in the case of the SARS virus SARS - ACE2 receptors to which the virus pristykovyvayas their suction cups, and then injects into the cell its RNA.

An electronic photograph of the isolated viruses 2019-nCoV (left) and in cells of the respiratory tract (right). RNA contains 29.9 thousand bases. As the divergence in the genomes of different samples, while very small, the first virus did not appear until the end of October 2019.