How much money did I earn on this resource

First of all, I want to Express my gratitude to those people who support the project and believe in it
Sincere thanks You - You help keep my family budget in the same state as it was without the project
A special thank you to the few people who help with the case-provide information, give ideas and advice. Your help is difficult to overestimate

Then a cry of pain admin

Today (03.02.2020) I found myself thinking that I want to stop working on the project and give it to some other enthusiast.
For after reading comment's that my site is bullshit (project -thank you for the PR of any shit) and in General there are better sites, because they are without advertising, as a priori the desire to engage in the project disappears.

In General, dear people who think that I earn millions here, and not bags under my eyes-screenshots for YOU!
Did specifically with mobiles, so that they did not talk about what was corrected in photoshop or in the source code.

рублюбабло рублюбабло

At the same time - domain .su it costs 600 rubles, powerful VPS virtual server for Bitrix it costs 3900 rubles a month.
This does not take into account the fact that the entire development is on me, and the information is monitored by my wife. We are extremely offended that there are people who throw mud at our project.
For ourselves, we will find the information ourselves - but what will the creators of such projects, such as " I don't know =)

So please, stay with PEOPLE and do not think that everything is trying to cash in/prohibits on someone else's grief

support the project

You can support the project here (if of course we deserved it)

You don't have to, but the admin doesn't sleep for You =)

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